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Performance Coaching

Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Begin your journey to a better you with a Performance Coach. This 8-Week Program is designed to help you get clear on your vision and find different approaches to new challenges. Most of us know what to do, but don’t take the actions to follow through. This program will help you get the lasting results you crave.

Business Coaching

Working with a Business Coach is the first step to experiencing greater success and massive growth. We’ll get you crystal clear on your vision and focused on your goals and objectives. This will help you identify opportunities and build powerful strategies. If you’re ready to increase revenue, decrease doubt and grow your business, this program is for you!

Team Coaching

Your company is only as strong as your team. Working with a Business Coach provides a set of fresh eyes and helps you build a roadmap for success. We start with engaging the most powerful force in your company – Your People. We will help you develop company culture, foster accountability and promote teamwork.

Tools To Be Your Best

Business Coaching for a Better Business

Our Business Coaching focuses on three main areas: Mindset, Methods and Momentum.

Focus on The Right Mindset

Shift your thinking, remove unwanted roadblocks and get clear and focused on specific goals and objectives that will radically change your life.

Determine The Ideal Method

Improve the effectiveness of your business by going beyond simple strategies to identify limited beliefs and break patterns holding you back.

Winning Is Momentum

Each victory creates momentum. Renew your energy, improve your psychology and hit your target every time with a coach that pushes you.

Unlock Keys to boost your business

Award Winning Keynotes, Seminars And Workshops

Each Event makes for a shared experience.

Clarify Your Vision

Motivational Seminars and Workshops

Get The Edge Coaching Group has spent over a decade presenting seminars and workshops to companies across the country. We have provided long-lasting, professional methods and tool-based education that has left our clients inspired with new knowledge they can apply to their work life that day!

Clarify your Vision

Inspirational Keynotes

Each keynote that we create is custom designed and aimed at the entire organization. They are like a burst of energy or a shot of motivation that boosts morale and inspires everyone on the team.

The Possibilities

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Whether you are aiming for a keynote, seminar or workshop. It’s important to invest in your people. Employees who are motivated and happy tend to be more efficient and productive.

Virtual Events

Business development and organizational planning are usually the typical topics for the agenda, but also an opportunity for enjoyable activities and training.

Annual Conferences

A conference is a large event focused on a central theme or industry that is typically held over multiple days.

Company Parties

Company parties bring employees together to celebrate shared victories and acknowledge milestones. While the focus of this type of event is usually fun and relaxing, a speaker could help set concrete goals for the company.

Team Building Event

This event is aimed toward bringing your people together and providing them with a boost of morale and confidence. It also builds goodwill and company culture.

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